Jade Application Kit

Jade Application Kit Is a lightweight framework for Linux that allows you to build Desktop applications using Web Technologies on Linux, or run web applications in a native wrapper with minimal effort.

I built this as I needed something to build my desktop applications and Desktop Environment with an HTML front end, without having to use a full browser.

JAK is the backbone of Jade Desktop Environment and Is also used to display Microsoft Office Online as a native desktop application in Manjaro Linux.

This project was a hard and rewarding challenge, as I had to learn Python and a new API to make it happen.

Jade Application Kit on GitHub

Jade Lopes Website

Design Portfolio Built for my Wife, which is built in WordPress as she needed something simple and easy to use without my intervention, this is unfinished work.

Some of the work involved was setting up WordPress, installing 3 rd party  plugins, building a child theme with a few template files, some front end  development I also help her to upload content and teach her how to use it.

Jade Lopes Website

Jade Desktop Environment

JADE is a serverless Linux Desktop Environment, built with Python and Web Technologies using Jade Application Kit.

The front end is built using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, library’s used for this project include Materialise, Jquery and Masonry grid.

JADE Is a fully functional Desktop Environment Prototype, it is my favourite project as i get to use it everyday.

I am a Linux user and there is not currently a Desktop Environment,  built using Web Technologies that I can use and hack into.

I decided to build my own, from scratch, and release it as open source software.

This project has grown and is now turned into its own customised Operative System, that I maintain in my free time called Manjaro WebDad.